2017 at River Oaks…An Exciting Lineup!


2017 is jam packed with never-before seen artists and old favorites, classes combining contemporary techniques and the latest from the regional, national and yes, international, art scene!  We kick it all off with the International Women’s Photography Exhibition with Jan Beauboeufe, Celia Anahin, Tatiana Rivero Sanz, Dina Olsen, & Linda Sbath on February 17 and is preceded by a two-day photography workshop brought to you by GAEDA.


It is followed by the 3rd Annual Dirty South Cup Call-Guest Juror Matt Long Friends of the Juror Show in April, which again is preceded by a GAEDA sponsored Ceramic Workshop with Matt Long on April 19-20 and on April 21 features our Ceramic Demo Day.


Look for exhibition and workshop events throughout the year featuring Billy Ray Mangham & Carl Block (workshop and music) in June, local celebrity Penny Abraham in July, Sue Zimmerman in October and finally, in a River Oaks Grand Finale, our Annual Miniature 5x5x5 Call with Guest Juror Linda Dautreuil in November.


“A complete calendar with all exhibitions will be part of our membership drive mailer that should show up in your mailboxes in mid-January,” says Rachael Dauzat, Executive Director at River Oaks. “If you have never received our calendar, please be sure to contact us at River Oaks at 318-473-2670 and ask to be put on our mailing list. And when you receive our mailer, we certainly would like for you to consider becoming a member and join our little arts community – River Oaks could not exist without the generous support of the community we serve.”


“We have worked hard to attract even bigger names and more diversified creative talent for the coming year! We’re always excited to see artists that commonly show in bigger venues make a stop at River Oaks and bring their talent to our corner of Louisiana.”


The community favorite events are of course coming back to River Oaks as well. The first one is Men Who Cook and Men Who Mix at River Oaks on May 20, where notable men of the community show off their cooking and mixing skills. Summer Art Studio will feature four action packed summer camp sessions for creative campers. Dates are Session 1: June 12-16, Session 2: June 19-30, Session 3: July 10-21, and Session 4: July 24- Aug 4. At the end of the year we will be looking forward to the Annual Van Gogh Gala on Oct. 28, followed by the Annual Porch Sale on December 2, 2017.


“2017 is an exciting year and I can’t wait to see the friends of River Oaks, old and new, at the exhibit openings, classes, in the studios and on the grounds. River Oaks embodies the love of art that Central Louisiana has held for a long time and it makes me proud to help foster this creativity and make the world a more artsy, more beautiful and hopefully better place,” Dauzat says with a smile.


For more information, call River Oaks at 318-473-2670, follow them on Facebook and Instagram or visit www.RiverOaksArtsCenter.com

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