“Dreamland ~ Inspire the Magic”

Two Day Workshop
February 15 & 16
$25 per student
Skill Level – Beginner to Advanced

Call 318.473.2670 to registar

“Dreamland ~ Inspire the Magic”
Day 1 – Feb 15      10 a.m – 12 Noon
Photo Session – Both sides of the camera
Day 2  – Feb 16      10 am. -12Noon  Textures   ~    1:30 – 3:30pm   Editing Process
Examining Textures & Editing Process

This workshop is a journey, a window into an “Alice Through The Mirror” kind of photography, where models do not pose, but, let go…go into their own inner thoughts, are transported “somewhere else”. The aim of the camera are those flickering moments full of intensity and understanding. It’s a way of looking very akin to the surrealists and their love for dreams, the unconscious. The resulting final images are a blend between performance art and theater. Photographers may find themselves on both sides of the lens during this unique course.

Tana (Tatiana Rivero Sanz) born in Barcelona,  presently lives in Vancouver, Canada.
Obtaining her PhD in XIX century American Literature from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain in 2007, her love of literature channelled an equally greater love for photography.  Her photographs grow from an elaborate process, which involves a entire installation. Within her own studio, Sanz creates one or two sculptures that represent a dilemma, an antagonism. Then a story develops through the photographs.  Sanz, is currently collaborating with TEATRO STUDIO JANKOWSKI to bring her dreamy photography into a theater piece “Watch Your Step” based on her poetry book “Monkeys with Tulip Heads.” The play will be represented in Italy.  Her photography has been featured in numerous solo and group showings throughout Canada, France, Italy and the U.S.

Materials – Participants must bring the following:
1.    Tripod, Camera & Laptop
2.    Ballerina tutus (different sizes) or long pieces of tutu fabric
Masks (any type)
Silk scarves or  long pieces of black silky fabric
An object that has a special significance to the photographer (shoe, mirror, book, dress…)
3.    The background theme for this shoot is the game of chess, so please wear clothing that is black and white (optional).
4.    Students must download/install GIMP onto their laptop prior to class (free software download)

Cory McCrory Paper-Clay Workshop



BUILDING STORIES with Paper-Clay Stoneware
October 19 – 20, 2016
10 a.m. – 4 p.m. (Break for Lunch)
$95 per student (all supplies included/bring tools if desired)

What can happen when we throw out the traditional rules of clay and find new freedom to create? Paper clay allows the artist to push the boundaries of clay.

Cory will discuss paper clay, beginning with how to make your own small batch, thru storage, use, repair, and firing. Artists will use slabs to make lightweight Dimensional tiles for the wall. Cory will also show how she makes her texture sheets and use of high temp wire, and how she decorates with underglaze.

Cory McCrory is a ceramic artist working in Sandwich Il. She has worked in the arts for more than thirty years. Learning teaching doing. McCrory studied at Waubonsee Community Colleges ceramic program and then taught a number of the colleges adult ed and children classes. Cory has an eye for detail and craftsmanship. An appreciation for the functional and artistic. A recipient of numerous awards for her ceramic paper clay work, McCrory’s teapots are included in the Kamm Teapot Foundation Collection. Cory”s work has been described as “whimsical” and sometimes naughty. Combined with her use of color she creates delights for the hand and eye.

Cory’s work is made with stoneware to which she has added about 10% paper pulp. She uses underglazes and high temp wire. Work is fired to cone 6.

To register contact River Oaks @ 318.473.2670.   Registration is on a FCFS Basis.

Supply List

PYSANKY ONE DAY CLASS w/ Nicole Holcombe

1 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.
$25 per person (all supplies included)
Class Size Limited – FCFSB

Under the guidance of local artist, Nicole Holcombe, students will learn the Pysanky wax-resist technique that originated in Eastern Europe. The word pysanka is derived from the Ukrainian “pysaty” meaning “to write”. Taking a fresh raw egg, the participants will write on it with a funnel like tool and melted beeswax. The egg will successively be dyed in colors going from light to dark. At the end, the wax will be removed, the egg will be varnished and empty.
Traditionally the designs are symbolic of wishes for wealth, health, fertility, long life, happiness and other good wishes for the person destined to receive the egg.

* Please note participants may not go home with their egg on the day of the workshop due to humid temperature/drying time. These mini masterpieces will be clean and varnished by the instruction and returned to River Oaks by March 23rd for pick-up.

Contact River Oaks @ 318-473-2670 to register or email rachael@riveroaksartscenter.com or kaylabterrell@outlook.com.